Nikita Kaha continues to experiment, to combine various styles, genres and "sound" of music, and everything about himself says: Music sounds in my head, i just bringing it to the audience. "

Nikita Kana is a laureate and diploma winner of Russian and international competitions, a musician with his personal manner of performance, emphasized by a beautiful timbre of the instrument. Saxophonist, composer, arranger, producer. Higher education (Gnesin RAM), pop department. Born in the city of Surgut, Tyumen region. Primary music education in the children's music school im.A.S.Znamenskogo in the classroom teacher Nikolai Ivanovich Semenov. He became a member of the program "New Names" and the children's summer art school in the city of Suzdal, where he studied with professors from Moscow higher educational institutions. In 2002, he entered the Moscow State School of Pop and Jazz Art to SK Rezantsev, where he actively participated in concert activities. He became a participant of the 2nd All-Russian festival “Igor Bril's Jazz Baptism”.
In 2005 he entered the Gnesins' RAM in the class of professor Oseychuk AV Member of the creative union "C-Style", which toured the cities of Russia (Ufa, Stavropol, Yaroslavl, Saratov).
2009 - Diploma of the best alto saxophonist at the international Do # Dj competition in Kiev. 2014 - Released debut album entitled “It’s Time To Speak”, which was presented on September 24 at A. Kozlov’s club. This is the first large-scale work of such a young and promising musician, the result of a decade of creative work. The album presented itself not only as a performer, but also as a composer and arranger. In addition to solo projects, Nikita collaborates with such renowned artists as Anatoly Kroll, Zara, Igor Sarukhanov, Andrei Grizzly, Yulia Savicheva, Irina Bogushevskaya and many others.

Nikita is in constant creative search and continues to experiment, combining different styles, genres and sound of music. He says about himself: "I consider my personal task to apply the maximum creative power and talent in the realization of musical ideas. Music sounds in my head, and I just reproduce it, bringing it to the audience."